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Still Waters

Attenborough criticises today's fossil laws

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Still Waters

The broadcaster said he would never have been able to pursue his interest in wildlife if current legislation had been in place when he was a boy. The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 prohibits the removal of eggs from the nest of any wild bird, while being found in possession of a dead wild bird – or any part of one – is also an offence.

Fossil–collecting is banned at Sites of Special Scientific Interest and is covered by numerous other guidelines.


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ying and yang I guess. In protecting species we inevitably prevent some exploration. Still, we have millions of species stored for science and if it stops people damaging or destroying nature it has to be a good thing. Once in the lime-light, every little thing you say or do is under the microscope, Attenborough should know this well enough.

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I can see his point. If Theodore Roosevelt had not been able to devolop his interest in nature through his boyhood hobby of taxidermy would we have national parks like Yosemite and Yellowstone or natural monuments like the Grand Canyon in the united states? Had it not been for Teddy's love of nature industrialists would have exploited those sites and they would all be giant gravel pits right now. The people that are truly passionate about this kind of thing don't wait until they are grad students before they start examining specimens.

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