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real time vs perceived time

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When I tell this story the thoughts are of too much fun at the party or alien abduction. No to the first, thought corruption by popular culture on the second.

Early October 1980

When we pulled up to the stop sign at Garr Rd the lock read 11:43. We start toward Red Bud Tr. Kevin says, “what the f is that.” Ed says, “no s, what is that.” I turn the radio down, glance over and see a light in the woods. The two of them are chatting away as to what it might be, I look ahead and then over to get a good look at it. What I see is a ball of light 25 feet in diameter. What is inside is illuminated and everything outside; in front, behind, both sides and above it is dark. I look back at the road and they're still tossing out possible explanations, then Ed said, “it's coming our of the woods” Then weird goes up notch, everything went white. Nothing existed. No road, no car, no sound and body. The only way I can describe it is floating in white silence. We drove to Ed's, I dropped them off and we didn't a word to each other. A couple days later I forgot about it.

Early October 1991

I woke up in the middle of the night and recalled the events of that night for the first time. I look up Kevin. The first thing he said is he didn't remember, I gave him a few more details and he said it never happened. So I went to where it happened and the details were correct but it is a familiar place so I looked up Ed. Ed said that he'd just been about it, that he'd forgotten and just remembered it too. I told him what Kevin said and he laughed and said, “that's Kevin, if you can't explain it deny it." So I had him tell me the story. It was exactly the same except his my woke him up at noon the next day and told him he shouldn't stay out so late on the night before he has to work. He told her he was home at midnight and she said she looked at the clock when he came in and it was 3am. I hesitated for effect and told him his mom was right. After a couple of weeks I forgot about it again.

Early October 2003

Yep but this time I had a computer and dial-up so I logged and made some coffee. On and off over the next five months I searched for stories that contained the two essential elements. I found four that met my narrow criteria and two ended unresolved. The other two were resolved in a highly questionable way. Both were a story with one person, those people went to alien abduction researchers and agreed to be hypnotized to recover the lost or suppressed memory. The researchers have a financial interest in the outcome and the outcome was in their financial interest. They got another chapter for their next book.

A few years ago I wondered if I might be asking the wrong question. In Eds story there is no time issue. In mine there is but only because I looked at the clock. My theory is that in that moment when we were in contact with the light some 2 hours and 49 elapsed but it happened in a second or less. My thinking is that the light, whatever it is, causes a sudden burst in real but not perceived time. All four stories that I found that I viewed as credible can be explained with that theory, minus the tragic ending of two of them.

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