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Death of Eduard Kruglyakov

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Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Eduard Kruglyakov, died yesterday (6.11.12) in Novosibirsk. He was originally from Krasnodar, and was in his 79th year. Kruglyakov was a tireless fighter aginst pseudoscience, obscurantism and all nonsense in science. He exposed many scams in Russia by charlatans selling false science and false dreams, for instance zirconium bracelets with magical powers etc. Probably nobody outside Russia ever heard of him, yet the charlatans he exposed exist in all countries, sometimes peddling pseudoscience in the form of TV documentaries, and often books with seductive titles and covers, that are essentially money making nonsense. Mostly he exposed the false science of those claiming time travel, anti-gravity etc. I post this because the world needs such people as Kruglyakov to expose the many charlatans. All the sites about him are only in Russian, but I found this one page in English that gives a good overview of what scams he exposed. Many of the people he exposed left Russia and still weave their spells on the gullible with money....


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