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William B Stoecker: During much of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in Europe, the Church held a monopoly on religion and philosophy, burning as heretics those (like Giordano Bruno) who dissented. Nevertheless, both for good and for ill, pagans continued to exist, and alchemists continued their experiments, and heretics continued to question (secretly) the official dogma. Right under the noses of the priests and bishops, two orders of knights were established, using many of the same magical symbols: the Hospitallers (today called the Knights of Malta) and the Templars. In Renaissance Germany the Rosicrucians appeared, using many of the same symbols; they were probably a reappearance of the Templars, who had eventually been persecuted and driven underground by the Church and the King of France. And of course, Christian movements opposed to the Church of Rome appeared during the Reformation.

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ouija ouija

I was a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher and my son was taught at two different Waldorf schools(for 7yrs in total). I think they have the potential to give the most suitable schooling to each age group BUT ...... it all depends on the individual teachers. For children up to 10 at least, I think it's wonderful ...... after that a lot depends on the home life of the child as there's often a clash between school and other influences.

I think Steiner's work is fascinating. It's amazing that he covered so many subjects. I still read a little from his 'Knowledge of the Higher Worlds' most days.

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