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Preschool Alternatives; paid to stay away!

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There is a movement in some European nations to compensate parents for not bringing their children to subsidized pre-schools.

I recommend, as a psychologist of global esteem in academic circles, that all adults work at making this work.

Subsidized preschools are afflicted with bureaucracy, a system that is always easily circumvented and subverted, so that it is perpetually devolving into more antisocial employment by sponsorship and favoritism:

Which adult does the "pedagogue" want to share the preschool with (who does he like?) while he is looting the place ("Like taking candy from a baby!") and grooming the kids?

Does he want to sponsor a "spy"?, ---or does he want to get away with his "bonus-system", even if it means sharing the spoils?

Tough Choice!

If we have non-attendance compensation where we have subsidized preschool we have the power to pool this compensation and then do our own intensely and personally supervised testing.

We can also separate the abuse-trait children from the normal ones, the abuse-trait families being the ones who praise the bureaucracy because it never finds time or funds to prosecute them. (It seems there are looters impoverishing the system....)

We can evaluate how qualified a person actually is to call himself "pedagogue", because he isn't arriving at the post through a bureaucratized system that is always becoming slipperier with the accumulating decades of non-supervision.

"Who watches the watchers?" Oops! That would be: Nobody!

Can learning be fun? If we have a dozen preschoolers, we have a dozen names, or thereabout. Is it play to see these names printed out in capitals, in both case letters, and in both-case script? Not a class in the names, but just a toy.

Is it play to see that us and bus look a lot alike? Is there any way a genuine pedagogue could fail to make learning the same as play, every day until first grade (by which time it might be fourth grade)?

What kind of connection with the pedagogue leaves the family as mentorship, role-model? What kind of connection, in other words, sabotages the parental role-models? How many parents want to delay the time when a child no longer needs the physical attentions, for example; and how many people seek the post of pedagogue exactly because they need the physical attentions and want children to be enslaved by sensual exchanges?

Psychological evaluations, in other words. Clinging families are not the norm, but clingers tend to want to be the mentors of other people's children. And clinging children seek their parent's or mentor's revenge upon the independence-seeking children. They become the clinging adult's "hit-men", these adults then having perfect alibis, thus creating perpetual moral chaos.

Preschool is a Summerhill, where you study and attend classes if you feel like doing it just now. Which is play if you really mean it to be that way.

---which in turn places the responsibility for attendance upon the curriculum's inspiration and execution, the abilities and commitment of the "pedagogue" to make a magnet of the lesson or to abandon the lesson in favor of a better magnet.

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Pedagogue - Christ I wish I knew that word when I was at school.

If I did, then whenever a teacher asked me for homework (never had it) I could have replied, "SCREW YOU PEDAGOGUE!!!!".


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*Posts Removed* Can we please keep this civil

behavioralist - If you have a specific news topic you want to discuss, it would be helpful if you would post a source link to it so everyone can follow your train of thought. Thank you.

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