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Business Chiefs Against Catalan Secession

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CEOs and bankers are warning that the Spanish region of Catalonia could wreck its economy if it decided to declare independence from Spain. But regional president Artur Mas, who favors secession and wants to hold a referendum on it, is expected to be re-elected in a vote on November 25.

Two weeks before the Spanish region of Catalonia holds an election, business leaders are warning against a secession from Spain, which is favored by the region's president, Artur Mas, the head of the nationalist party, Convergence and Union (CiU).

Opinion polls show Mas might get an absolute majority in the November 25 election. He wants to hold a referendum on independence from Spain, even though the Spanish government has said such a vote would be against the constitution.

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Austerity and hard economic times always feeds into Nationalistic and Separatist sentiments. Franco, Hitler,and the Girondins (French Revolution) understood this very well.

The Catalans have no-one else to vent their anger on except for Central Govt., even though the Catalans (not all) were equally greedy in trying to buy homes they could never afford to pay for, equally failed to invest in industry at AC (Autonomous Community)level, ignore the fact that Central Govt. pays much more into Cataluna they they receive in payments etc, etc.

Barcelona is the 2nd largest City in Spain, but it is the mugging Capital of Europe (try walking down the "Ramblas" with all your posessions intact!!).

To be honest, I could give a "Rat's A**" if they secceded from Spain - let them negotiate entry into the EU (they have to join the queue, 10 yrs minimum), see how bouyant the new Catalan Peseta is (they will HAVE to leave the Eurozone), and try to negotiate some sort of Trade Agreement with the EU.

No... it is easy to follow the Tub Thumpers and the Jingoists when times are hard, but there is a reality to face in the morning

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