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Simbi Laveau

The Presence

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Simbi Laveau

I just watched this. It's from 2010,with Mira Sorvino and the guy who plays Nancy Botwins brother in law Andy,on Weeds.

It's rather slow cerebral ,but it demonstrates how spirits ,the way I have been taught ,influence us .

One is even demonic ,which is categorized solely by his actions. Demons do not necessarily have horns wi.ge and a tail. Human spirits can be demonic .

I was intrigued by this,because I've never seen it portrayed in this way .

They truely do whisper in our ears,be it good or evil .

There is actually interaction between the spirits,and some of it is a bit cheesy . This kind of stuff is dubious at best ,but it still was an interesting rendition .

The bits with her alone with the one spirit,were actually very creepy . It made me wonder if something stands in the room with me,watching me like that ......


Let me find a link for it .


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Ever Learning

lol i sometimes wonder sometimes how i have a good idea that comes out of nowhere or know that some ones about to ring the housephone for me. might be an angel on my shoulder, fallen or otherwise.

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