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Dubious Books!

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Hi all!

I just came across this article with a fantastically earth-shattering revelation about 'Alien-Greys' in it!...And would like to hold it up as an example of what I believe to be a real problem in the field of UFO studies for the likes of you and me, ..the seekers of truth!

It is a dream of a claim for proponents of the ETH, and has all of the ingredients to be a great story!...But unfortunately , the great story-breaker in this case is none other than controversial UKIP MEP Rupert Matthews, and is the biggest stumbling block for reality for me.[in fact...negates the validity altogether imo!]

Rupert Matthews and his story is well known to people on sites such as this. His "Alien Radio Contact" story from his 2008 book [Encounters: True Stories of Aliens, UFO’s and other E.T. Phenomenon] is imo both contrived-fantasy and comical!..And now
he's at it again!...to cut a long story short...he previously claimed that the SETI astronomers had picked up some obviously artificial messages sometime in the mid eighties coming from Jupiter's largest moon Ganymede,which were completely impossible to decode without the Alien's help!...So Ronald Reagan [then president] organised an international super-think-tank to determine what should be done. And the boffins at this meeting came up with a plan to send them a message in morse-code, asking them to contact us in the same way!

And after over a month's anxious wait...a reply finally came from Ganymede in the requested morse code,..and it read..."
We were not talking to you!"

And now, I see that Rupert has another book just being published [Alien Encounters] in which he claims that Callisto as well as Ganymede are well documented sub-surface homes for the famous 'Alien Greys' that are known to be frequent visitors to Earth!...And that American and Russian authorities have been observing these Aliens leaving and entering their sub-surface worlds through "huge concealed access doors" on the moons. And they even know that the "Greys" are somewhat similar to our own 'Bees' or 'Ants', in that they have one leader that is being guarded in a kind of 'hive'!...[ And we presumably know all this from space probe data, as the actual Aliens told us to mind our own business!?..

Here is the new article designed to sell his new book....

Here is more info about the man [politician] who is asking you to believe his outlandish claims enough to buy his books....

Now tell me!....is this the man that is destined to be the smoking-gun deliverer?...And is it really just harmless enterprise to try and do this with a straight face as Rupert Matthews is doing?...Or is it a prime example of the mercenary minded charlatan that muddies the waters of the serious UFO/ET research that we all crave?

I think ..the latter!
...burn the man , and his books!

Cheers .



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Yes, Mr. Matthews' claims are easily dismissed. I would point out that physics, medicine, astronomy, zoology, natural history and other sciences attract their share of cranks and pretenders. Ufology can ill-afford this sort of discreditable company, but at the same time, such rogues should not be supposed, or allowed to define the field, anymore than charlatans in other pursuits are.

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