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The Wonderful Messianic Complex!

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"Assessing people as they want you to believe they are gives you this answer: you transcend them all!" (quoted from below)

Let's imagine that I'm an overweight middle-aged divorced woman whose kids have gone their own ways, and I have seven prescriptions for little things like water-retention.

And that I really need a fix of better stuff!

I spread out my seven prescription purchases so that I can sit in the pharmacy much more often than I have to. And I also study my neighbors to see if I can tell who has the "good stuff" from the pharmacy.

What I need is a person who has that "good stuff" the doctors won't let me have, and who is also a neighbor,

---so that I can use the neighbor-dodge as a pretext for a covert home invasion.

I'll only be quite sure she has that "good stuff" when I see what the pharmacy is supplying her with; hence I try to spend a lot of time there. By the time I find my victim I may already know exactly where she lives, but if not I can simply stalk her from the pharmacy.

Now I become a person who invades her home on a neighborly pretext. Maybe I bring some baked goods that I have defrosted and heated.

I put on my best performance, and it's not difficult because I'm pretty sure I'll be getting my fix out of it! It's all about getting a copy of her keys!

Actually, today, with the right friends or a lot of work, a photo of her keys will do. (If she has a serious unique-key lock plus an ordinary one, I may have to sabotage the serious one after my first burglary, because she'll become more cautious about locking up, but she may assume it was broken before the burglary if she always saw it as redundant before.)

Now let's say this victim of mine is you, or that you are a member of the victim's family.

I come back for another chat after having burgled the place several times, and no one, you included, suspects a thing. Everyone accepts me as a good neighbor even though I have a steady fix showing; I'm friendly. I like you guys!

Does it tally with your expectation of human awareness, or do you catch on that I'm the culprit while I'm sipping my tea, so that I'm busted?

This sets the stage for a psychology question: do you have a messianic complex?

If we are not aware of what one is, it becomes a question of blame. You are guilty of it in this degree or that degree;

---and that degree is your own to judge, so that when you have oneit isn't guilt at all because you are the messiah: RHIP, rank hath its privileges!

But if we understand this complex we understand you can't avoid having it; no one can. And this is how that works.

Who is that burglar? That burglar is a nice lady; not at all the burglar-type! ---in an assessment known as the conscious assessment.

If we multiply that by nearly seven billion adults, who are all those people? They are, ho-hum, very nice for the most part.

A conscious assessment!

And compared with all those very nice facades (behind which scurrilous processes are as perpetual as your own, and most of them more cunning and immoral), you have the inescapable conscious assessment derived from those conscious assessments, that yours is a messianic social standing.

Assessing people as they want you to believe they are gives you this answer: you transcend them all!

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I have no idea how a "messianic complex" fits with the example you have provided - how is that analogy one of a person who believes they are going to save the world somehow?

Are you saying that we look at the nice old lady who is stealing the meds as someone who needs saving from herself?

or that we look at the world through rose tinted glasses and everyone has murky muck hidden behind the public persona they portray?

or that the nice old lady lives in all of us and we believe the best of ourselves and take what we need because we are "entitled" due to our Messiah complex?

I really think this is a circuitous example by which to present a theory tbh - can you be more direct?

From the Urban Dictionary

Messianic Complex 2 thumbs up

a state of mind in which an individual holds a belief they are, or are destined to become, a savior.

Jesus had a messianic complex.

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She would be the first one that I would suspect. Suddenly makes friends and then pills come up missing. What does a thief look like, what does a pedophile or a murderer look like. They look like anyone.

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Social conditioning has a lot to answer for, it has slowly convinced us that some human traits don't exist in some humans when in fact every human trait exists in every human, I don't believe being able to deduce a persons guilt from your example makes them anything other than perhaps perceptive and discerning which usually comes from experience

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bLu3 de 3n3rgy

This seriously makes me go wtf.

And i get about half through reading this before i feel the brain washing overcome me of feeling sleepy .. is this supposed to be the complex in action ?

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Agatha Christie's favorite area of exploration was how crime occurs even in sleepy little villages and by people who appear oh so ordinary.

Being all things to all people is the epitome of ordinary.

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The confusion leading to senility is who should be mentoring, what accomplishment is portending a brighter future.

No one can discern the distinction between backward and ahead of the time during the process of seeking or engaging an audience.

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