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Knight Of Shadows

A Winter Tale

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there's roses that only bloom through winter's nocturnal gloom

one late afternoon as sugar colors my moon

the rays of light struggle to make it through the clouds

the whiteness of snow cover the distant mounts

a chilly breeze comes revealing mysteries of the past the winter charm has finally cast

as the wind softly whispers secrets in the frozen green speaking of forgotten tales of the unseen

the essence of reality and fantasy while we're trapped inbetween

let me take your hand tightly in mine let truths and legends become intertwined

let my living heartbeats slip astray from my heart and find their way into my withered art

when you take a step and come near the world pulls further and further away

from me and like butterflies come around the fire and play

only to end up in the burning flame and go back from where they once came

but if i could go back to the past a thousand time i'll always do the same

the mysteries of night are unveiled , passion is a deadly weapon to wield

and at the near end of the tale our souls were redeemed

the moon eclipse behind a vivid veil

the winds fall into silence for they have nothing more to tell

and everything begin to fade and disappear but so we will

when the sun is finally set free from her dark and empty cell

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