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Asemic Writing; A Personal Sample and intro

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Asemic Writing is where the pen or brush moves without any conscious intent of the writer, except submission to the loss of his individual will. Most people can't do this at all, so the people who find themselves doing it find themselves special, even when the effect lacks a certain impact.

Individual will is a tutored effect. Society can not inspire an evolved being, so it has to assimilate him, convert him, subvert his evolution.

Evolution, on the other hand, is submission to the loss of conditioned individual will, by the virtue of relationship. (note the this is the same as absolute deprogramming) Will and effortless grace are mutually exclusive, hence conscious and subconscious. And grace only happens when others matter to the preeminent degree where self-oblivion is not a sense of loss, which is the big L word: Love!

As long as there is a conscious (programmed self) Asemic Writing lacks grace.

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