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The Meaning Of Life

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I was given a link to this page which invites you to pick a complex topic, and explain it using only the 1,000 most simple words in the English language. I just started writing, and ended up with this short poem.

What is the meaning of life?

Shadow and light, day and night, hate and love, under and above.

Cold and hot, is and is not, fall and fly, live and die.

Couldn't and could, bad and good, us and them, take and send.

Forward and behind, mean and kind, agree and fight, black and white.

Seeing how all parts of you and your world has two sides, in this a quiet but important learning hides.

The dream of a world where all is torn into two, is something needed for someone to learn; a job meant just for you.

For another part of you lives outside of this place, and is watching and feeling all that you face. It doesn't know any more than the One, so it sent you to see, the pretend play of 'you' and your dream world of 'we'. But both the you and the we, all the she and the he, it is all the same, as it is all really Me. Just a new way for me to see, which leads to a new way for Me to be. Picture the roads of my Mind as the arms of a tree.

Just waking each day is a kiss to me that you give, I'll tell you the meaning of life: it is simply to live. For just living each moment is nothing short of the best; just give me your eyes and I will do the rest.

You now know the what, why, and how, and would like to know the who? Please don't call me your God; I am simply You.

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embracing, living, experiencing, learning, beginning to understand, accepting, natural change, knowing, feeling, being, being one with all, being yourself, understanding the God in you

all of the greatest things in life :) :)

Thank you for sharing _Only ... :)

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