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Marcahuasi Project

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To visit the Marcahuasi Project, click here ;

The Marcahuasi Project

is a crowd sourced Google Maps project to map archaeological, megalithic and mysterious sites all over the world. Each marker represents one of these sites which, when pressed, pops up a small window containing a description and a Wikipedia URL (or, if it does not have it's own Wikipedia page yet, any other credible source.)

I started this back in April, and it's been growing ever since. It's got well over 800 markers by now, each representing a different site. I made this because I was always interested in all these sites, but could never find an easy overall view of all of them, and always had to dig around on Wikipedia to find more information. Well, that's what I did regardless, but I made it easier for other people and myself to trace back all the stuff I'd read.

This is a great tool to learn more about certain cultures, or to find similarities connecting them all. Or perhaps you can simply use it to plan your next vacation - whatever you do with it, you'll learn more about the worlds' history regardless.

Color overview


As you can see, each marker represents a different type of location. I'll try to make it as clear as possible.

The red ones, 2000 bc and older, represent the ancient ruins on Earth - they're range from earliest prehistoric evidence of man, to the earliest structures of civilisations, such as the first dynasty of Egypt or Sumeria, to ancient strongholds in Europe. There's a big chance some of these markers were made much earlier than mainstream archaeologists would dare say - in other words, some of these might even be from antediluviant (pre-flood) civilisations.

The yellow ones, 2000 bc - 500 bc, represent some of the most incredible sites, such as much of Egypt, but also lots of pre-Columbian archaeological sites, and plenty more.

The cyan ones, 500 bc - 1000 ad, represent the more recent past. Think Roman empire, much of India, Europe, the locations we "know stuff about".

The blue ones, 1000 ad - current, represent the more recent architectural marvels, most of which are still in great shape. Though they may not be as interesting as the more ancient locations, they're definitely worth reading up on.

Next up are the green markers, the Geoglyphs. These represent drawings in the sand, or chalk, some made by ancient civilisations and some more recent - think Nazca lines, Marree Man, or Uffington White Horse. Giant shapes visible from high in the sky.

The pink ones represent Mysterious and unexplainable sites - Things like UFO sightings, ghost hauntings, or strange dissapearances. If you're interested in the paranormal, these should be right up your alley.

And last but not least, the purple markers - Natural sites of interest. They range from the holy mountains where the prophets of old got their assignments from their respective Gods, to mythic forests, or unique landscapes. If anything, you can google these locations for beautiful pictures.

It's far from complete, but like I mentioned, it's crowd-sourced - anyone can contribute by sharing locations, and I'll get around to adding them. Preferably, if you want to see a location added, post the coordinates to make it less of a hassle for me to locate and add them. It can be quite hard to locate some of them.

To visit the Marcahuasi Project, click here ;

Official Facebook page ;

"Official" website;

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