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Kick. Punt. Throw

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here is another little snippet i wrote some time ago.... hope you enjoy.

Kick. Punt. Throw (nearly fall on my a r s e, good thing I have good balance). I laugh, giggle, chuckle all in the matter of moments. For a brief second my mind is elsewhere and I am at peace, but only for a brief second. Repeat. Kick. Punt. Throw. This time my balance is better. With squinched (I like making up new words…kind of like lonking) up eyes I wonder if you are/have/will have carefree guiltless lazy afternoon fun as I have found, if only for seconds amongst a string of small moments. My only wish to you is that your time of giddiness lasts far, far longer than mine. After all; your sweet gentle spirit is far more deserving.

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