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Is there evidence of the Hebrew Exodus?

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Not according to John Anthony West. He claims there is zero records regarding a Hebrew exodus from Egypt........?

Doubtful everyone will agree. Even with absolute truth' date=' there has to be one liar.

Wiki says

The historian Josephus maintains that the Hyksos were in fact the children of Jacob (name means liar) who joined his son Joseph to escape the famine in the land of Canaan in the book of Exodus.

In his Against Apion, the 1st-century CE historian Josephus Flavius debates the synchronism between the Biblical account of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, and two Exodus-like events that the Egyptian historian Manetho apparently mentions. It is difficult to distinguish between what Manetho himself recounted, and how Josephus or Apion interpret him. Josephus identifies the Israelite Exodus with the first exodus mentioned by Manetho, when some 480,000 Hyksos "shepherd kings" (also referred to as just 'shepherds', as 'kings' and as 'captive shepherds' in his discussion of Manetho) left Egypt for Jerusalem.[9] The mention of "Hyksos" identifies this first exodus with the Hyksos period (16th century BC).

When they were eventually driven out of Egypt, all traces of their occupation were erased. No accounts survive recording the history of the period from the Hyksos perspective, only that of the native Egyptians who evicted the occupiers, in this case the rulers of the Eighteenth Dynasty

The German Egyptologist Wolfgang Helck once argued that the Hyksos were part of massive and widespread Hurrian and Indo-Aryan migrations into the Near East.

“It is no longer thought that the Hyksos rulers... represent the invasion of a conquering horde of Asiatics... they were wandering groups of Semites who had long come to Egypt for trade and other peaceful purposes.”

The Hyksos had Canaanite names, as seen in those with names of Semitic deities such as Anath or Ba'al. They introduced new tools of warfare into Egypt, most notably the composite bow and the horse-drawn chariot.


The Hyksos used Egyptian titles associated with traditional Egyptian kingship, and took the Egyptian god Seth (Satan to some) to represent their own titulary deity. Jan Assmann argues that because the Ancient Egyptians could never conceive of a "lonely" god lacking personality, Seth the desert god, who was worshipped exclusively according to the tale, represented a manifestation of evil.

began their climb to power in the thirteenth dynasty (lucky 13)

this may have led the Egyptian priest and historian Manetho to identify the coming of the Hyksos with the sojourn in Egypt of Joseph and his brothers, and led to some authors identifying the expulsion of the Hyksos with the Exodus. It may also indicate that the "expulsion" of the Hyksos reported in the Egyptian records mainly refers to the expulsion of the Semitic rulers and military/political elite and does not indicate a mass expulsion of the lower classes who, in the Ancient World, were traditionally exploited by their conquerors rather than expelled or massacred.

The story of the Hyksos was known to the Greeks,[who?] who attempted to identify it within their own mythology with the expulsion of Belus (Baal?),or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=f8169129253598f0&bpcl=38897761&biw=1058&bih=503

According to one source (lost to me now) the Hyksos are the people known as modern day Jews (Germanic/Khazar/mixed-British) they were so unruly and created so much trouble in Egypt they were eventually exiled. This fits with the story of Moses who was exiled for murder.

Pharaoh was tricked into breaking the 10 commandments when Abraham (leading thousands of troops from Ur) told him Sarah was his sister. Moses who wrote thou shalt not kill, murdered his half brother member of the royal family.

Do you see why they might be exiled.?

Also the timing of the Hyksos matches the biblical timing for the exodus and the expolsion od Thera/Santorini which caused the tidal influx required for the exiled to cross the Sea of Reeds.

The Exodus and the Red Sea Crossing - Part 1 [YouTube]- ...

So Etymologists say its possible, Josephus says its true, the timing of 3 events line up, hence

its a reasonable model.

There was some genetic evidence but I cant find it, it popped up with goolgle though, linking to the Aaaronic Jews.

When I read this story (wiki) it is almost an exact match of bible history, on EVERY point!

Jeremiah recoreded the Assyrian (Turk/Assyrian/Khazr/Armenian) people from the north (Jerimiah and several prophet scribes warned of) who were ruthless, used bows, javlins, and helmets.

Keep in mind that the bible warns that a people will claim to be Jews but are not.

The Khazars have changed their names to Jewish names.

It is said they are banker families today.


The Scythians were envied for their beauty, not blond hair but GOLD hair fair skin, tall, blue eyed, lived thousands of years old

their women were coveted by other tribes on earth. BTW not only did I research this but I posted it many times here.


This guy (the ??????????????? archeologist) did a series on this.

Others have dug up evidence of the exodus to Salem ... which the Gews added a prefix to claim OWNERSHIP of, now called GERUsalem

(like GERmani) salam/salem means peace (city of peace).

So in this model (I present none as absolute) the Hyksos invaded Egypt from the north, were children of Jacob (name means liar) set up a kingdom with a lone God Seth (Satan?). Created so much trouble the Egyptians had to plan to get rid of them. They introduced the most modern weapons.

So some guy says it isnt true so what?

What does all this have to do with Jesus do you think >>????????????????????


What Wolfgang Helck (from one Sirius gang of wolves) says makes sense. The bible refers to Sarah as "fair" (skinned)

and racism against darker tribes (like Falasha Black Jews) exists to this day, in government policy.

So the Hyksos being Aryan, shitdisturbers, coming through the Caucus Mountains (Caucasians) ... warlike, advanced in their military. It seems to all connect. After Israel fell to Rome Jews went to Germany (and Europe) engineered the fall of Rome (Barbarians/Warlords) and set out to regain the State of Israel. Its well known that Germany pushed Britian (part German) to take Palastine.

Somehow this model makes sense to me. Hense Jesus indeed be an (english speaking = VM) whiteman as depicted by Davincci and so many artists. I dont say it is so. But worth examining.

KP says Jesus is "the God of this earth", hence a supreme God would have supreme power, meaning supreme weapons.

The saucers manufactured at Dreamland near area 51 make all things on earth obsolete, all life (seeds stored in cyogenics), all technology (stored in celestial data bases), all things would be unecessary to those exhalted by God.

Then they will see THE SON OF MAN COMING IN CLOUDS of great power and glory


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There is no archeological evidence of any exodus of Hebrews from Egypt at any time in history. There is no evidence of existence of Hebrews existing as a identifiable people at that point in time. The origins of the Hyksos are not known, and all is conjecture until concrete evidence as to their origins is ever discovered. The Hyksos had conquered lower Egypt, and certainly left their mark, particulary weapons and horse culture. But they were eventually defeated and driven out of Egypt by Ahmose. This reality does not have any relationship to biblical myth from centuries later. The best that fact can be stretched to include myth, is if the Hyksos had camp followers with them for their time in lower Egypt, and that these camp followers had to leave with the Hyksos. Perhaps, and only if there were any camp followers of course, these people were the ancestors of the people who eventually became the Hebrews, and a spoken record of those events eventually became a much distorted written record. To me, the likes of Moses and Joseph are myth, as are a lot of the "sources" you quote, most being way off the scale of bizarre.......

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