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Lamb of God & 'The Pieces'

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i'm trying to put all these "pieces" together because my theory behind the band that call themselves "Lamb of God" is that they've created something with all of their tracks combined, that can somehow form itself into like a puzzle that I'm trying to put together and resolve. just something im doing in my spare time that I thought I would share with any of whom who may be interested into this band.

I realize I've acted against them in the past but I hadn't done much of any research about them because I was so quickto judge

anyway, I think it's here for a reason and that's what I'm focused on in my free-time now. The song that made me wonder about these things was their song called "Broken Hands", where the part of the song that stuck out the most to me was talking about picking up the piece's - http://www.elyrics.n...nds-lyrics.html

here's what I've got

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bumping this. Not forcing an urgency for everyone to listen but if you have the free time I'd recommend learning more about this group and what they are trying to exactly do in regards to their work of purpose,Didn't hve much of a balance going that satisfied me on the first try so I went ahead and tried them all.

Anyway, this concludes it for me right here. Have been spending alot of my free time carrying out research on this frequently, just putting my own interests infront of me more at this point in-time.

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