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Getting into the spirit and season of things

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christmas season seems to be

all on everyone's mind

when a child of five

and another of thirteen

walk into a department store

the clerk turns away

from the older sister stealing socks

for the younger sibling

after all it's so very cold

but there's cameras on the ceiling

loss prevention has their task

merry christmas specials

aren't all the sales amazing?

only if there were less people

will that be credit or debit?

black friday has come and gone

but the season lives on

when those who never had anything

break into our cars

when we park at the mall

but those boxes were donations

going to juvenile hall

where the kids have no gifts

the whole lot will probably be sold

at discount online

oh well maybe next time...

this will be the first time

the family's getting a tree

the boys to pick it out

the girls decorate and put on the star

father plugs it in and we'll all clap

little did we know that later tonight

the dry needles and strung-around

christmas lights will not go together

without starting a midwinter fire

christmas lights have ruined our lives

but aren't all the sales amazing?

Edited by I believe you
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Nice, thanks

Edited by Bling

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The sad side of the holiday and all too true. But the real message never dims in the hearts of those who believe Him. For unto us a child is given. And the government will be on His shoulders! MARANATHA!

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You won't be seeing that on any Hallmark Cards.

If it got any darker we would be touching on domestics and suicide.

And that would defeat the purpose of festive goodwill and cheer.

However some truths can't be swept under the rug..

And there's better ways of achieving that goal than mere poetry.

Edited by Walnut Whip

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