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US-Iraqi troops in new offensive


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US-Iraqi troops in new offensive

More than 3,000 US and Iraqi troops have launched a major offensive on a rebel stronghold south of the capital, Baghdad, the US Central Command says.

Its press release said more than 30 suspected insurgents were seized in the sweep in the Babil province.

It said the forces seized a suspected rebel training camp and secured a key bridge across the Euphrates River often used by insurgents.

No casualties have so far been reported among the assault force.

The operation in the Babil region - which centres on the town of Hilla - follows a US-led blitz at the weekend on another rebel stronghold, Samarra, to the north of Baghdad.

Dozens of people, including a number of civilians, were killed in the two-day operation.

Experts say the US-led Multinational Forces and Iraq's interim government may be tempted to build on the successful Samarra operation to secure other areas where rebels have been active, in time for scheduled elections in January.

'Fostering security'

"Iraqi and multinational forces today kicked off their most sweeping operation to date in northern Babil, moving against multiple targets across the central Iraqi province in a continuing campaign to restore security and stability here," the press release said.

It said the offensive's main mission was "to assist Iraqi authorities in fostering security and stability for the nearly 900,000 citizens of the province".

The US Central Command said the Jurf Kas Sukr Bridge was believed to be a favoured corridor for insurgents moving into and out of key cities, including Baghdad and the rebel stronghold of Falluja.

The operation was led by the US 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, the press release said.

It said that more than 160 suspected rebels have been captured in co-ordinated US-Iraqi operations in the Babil province since July.

Story from BBC NEWS:


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Car bombs in Iraq leave six dead

A car bomb has exploded in the northern city of Mosul, killing three Iraqis.

Four American soldiers were wounded in the attack on a US convoy that killed the civilians travelling behind, the US army said in a statement.

There have also been car bombs in the western city of Ramadi, killing two civilians, and in Youssifiyah, killing one Iraqi and wounding four.

Also on Tuesday, Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi said he has new plans for ending the insurgency.

Speaking to the country's interim parliament on his return from a tour of Europe and North America, Mr Allawi said it was important not to let the insurgents set the agenda in the run-up to elections scheduled for January.

Mr Allawi repeated his determination that the elections should go ahead as planned despite the continuing violence.

"Military operations will go on until stability has been established in all Iraqi cities," he added.

Headless bodies

Correspondents say Mosul, 360km (225 miles) north-west of Baghdad, has seen a rise in insurgent attacks in the last weeks.

The US military denied reports that three other Iraqi bystanders were wounded when troops opened fire following the car blast. The convoy "was engaged with a rocket propelled grenade and small arms fire," the army said in a statement.

Separately, Iraqi officials say five headless bodies have also been found in or near Mosul. The victims are all thought to have been Iraqis.

Overnight, US warplanes carried out bombing raids on the Sadr city area of Baghdad, after an American patrol came under fire.

Story from BBC NEWS:


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