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Boris Johnson calls for 'pared down' .....

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You can't help but like Boris for his "Bull in a China Shop" approach to politics.

In the following editorial he makes a classic Gaffe in proposing the wording of any vote...

from the editorial, Thanks to the BBC:

"Boris Johnson has called on the UK to negotiate a new "pared-down relationship" with the European Union.

The London Mayor said Britain should remain in the single market but pull out of the political union.

The UK should form an "outer-tier" of the EU with countries like Norway and Switzerland, he said in a speech.

And a referendum should be held with the question: "Do you want to stay in the EU single market as renegotiated? Yes or No?".

He urged David Cameron to "maximise the benefits of EU membership and the single market without being kicked out" and insisted other EU countries would accept such a proposition"

"Can you see what it is yet?" (apologies to Rolf Harris for borrowing his catchphrase)... The clue is in what are you voting for if your response is "NO"?.

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