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I'm always calling on poor Seeker79, so thought I'd post here but feel free anybody to respond - especially you Seek!

It's so frustrating, I can't seem to induce vibrations anymore. These days I just wake up to them suddenly, and then I pull myself out of my body, but it only happens randomly. I can't seem to trigger a vibration intentionally anymore.

Earlier this year I could induce it pretty easily and make an exit. This was when I was first learning, I had to stop for a while because I was finding that my energy was completely drained and I was tired all the time, both mentally and physically. So I stopped astral traveling for a few months, just to gather myself again. Maybe that was a mistake.

Now I'm doing a lot more meditation and I need to get back to where I was. Any advice that anyone has would be so much appreciated.

2 nights ago I woke up to accidental vibrations again and pulled myself out of body. I asked a couple girls where I was and they said I was on Earth No. 92. It seemed very futuristic. Didn't last long, but was fascinating and would love to go back!

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Professor T

Grab your dream diary and have a look at what you were doing differently back then when it was working.

I know I've changed my technque a lot, sometimes it's not been a good thing..

also, this thread might help.


Aha! Edited to add: just remembered there's usually a period after your first OBE where it's hard to get back in.. This is because people tend to try and force themselves back in as opposed to just allowing it..

Edited by Professor T

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White Crane Feather

I don't know how to help. For a time I would not experience vibrations either. I still have to look for them. It would seem that we get used to them, and then they do not feel as strong. Look for them deep in your chest. Your heart chakra. That's where I find them now. With practice you can bring them back up. I took a journey last nigh And I did not feel them at all.

I know they are great when you are first learning because it's such a powerful experience, but they do fade in intensity. I don't know why.

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perhaps something is just out of whack?

diet? health? physical fitness? Emotional state of mind? medication?

The way I see it is that we are a balance of many things, physical, mental and spiritual/etheric... if one is out, it effects the others...

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Blue Star

May be, you could start with asking yourself...

Why is the vibration stage important, or so important to you?

What are your true aims with your AP/OBE?

These answers, you give and see in yourself, will reveal the reasons as to the why you seem to not feel the vibrations or for that matter any other presumed difficulties.

There are stages to ones own development in all things. Acclimatisation for one, as Seeker79 said, you get used to it.

Mostly, when I read of difficulties, they are not actually difficulties at all, just part of the course along the way.

If it does have something to do with your energies, then it could be you are in some other kind of healing process. As we all know, a car can not run on empty.

If you are developing your meditation skills, then it may well be you are in some intense etheric/auric cleansing/ healing/ preparation work for the next stages of your personal explorations or developments.

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Mr Walker

I've been obeing as part of lucid dreaming for 60 years. Ive never encountered vibrations or paralysis. My mind just consciously decides to leave my body and go exploring. I float up out of my body, through the ceiling and out into the local environment. From there I zoom off any where i want to; over to the neighbours house or across the galaxy. some times i travel as a streamof light/energy, sometimes as pure non- physical consciousness, and sometimes i take my 'body" with me, and fly as if i am diving off a high diving board with my hands clasped to break the air friction as i go fast.

Vibrations are not an essential part of obeing, you can access obes from a lucid dream state by conscious choice. I offer this as an alternative if you find inabilty to vibrate psychologically preventing yourself from obeing.

Its all a matter of belief and consciousness. When your conscious and subconscious minds believe you can, then you will. This is true for all dream state activities. Ps my first and simple step would be to go to bed two hours earlier for a while, and spend some more time sleeping. Get fully rested so you are not the slightest bit tired. See what happens in a week or two.

ps the power to project, in my case, comes from within. It is a product of conscious mental discipline, and grows with training, effort, practice, learned endurance etc. Taking off and landing are the two first/primary skills which must be mastered

Many things can lessen it, like flying over water, but it is always there. When i was young it took time to learn to break the gravity of earth, as it did to fly over the andes mountains when i was even younger. I spent a year of nightly training to extend my range from the local neighbourhood. before i was able to complete a trip around the world in one night. A constant, self aware controlled lucid "dream state' maintained for about 6 hours.

Most of the time was spent in sight seeng at different locales, but there was at least a couple of houra of actual continuous travel. It got boring and hard to maintain over the Indian and pacific oceans but i did it using will power. I nearly didnt make it over the andes mountains and had to find a valley to fly through. i just couldnt get enough altitude.

Travelling in space, by comparison, requires almost no energy expenditure and one can travel from one side of the galaxy to the other in a single night.(especially by using the portals available, to do this instantly)

Edited by Mr Walker

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