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^_^Hello all, I rarely get on here nowadays but I wonder if one of you could give me a reading. It's very much appreciated. I haven't been feeling so well with myself and am stuck in my life. No motivation and I pretty much do the same thing every day. I have had headaches every day from the start of this year all the way to this day, but don't focus on that. If you do get something from it, just let me know.

Love and Light.

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Ever Learning

if the headaches are at the front of your head, it may be from being extra sensitive to the light from TV or PC monitors. i normally go close my eyes for a bit or read a book, you can take pain killers but it only masks the pain.

ahhhhhhhhh hmmmmmmmm a reading.............. i forsee less head aches and happier times :)

P.S if your head aches are from stress, i would recomend meditation where you only think of your breathing and not any emotions good or bad to rest your body :)

love and less light, your friendly neighbor hood Armchair

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I'm in a similar situation and i understand, what you mean. I think, that, if you find a motive to carry out for each day, you'll feel better. Set some everyday goals and try to achieve them. This will make you more relieved and happy about yourself. As for the headaches, they may be occuring due to constant contact with the tv and/or strong lights. Try to avoid them, as much as you can. That's my advice :tu:

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Take time for yourself. Learn to relax, take deep breaths. Go for a walk

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