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Still Waters

Sequel to the Ghost Girl In The Lift prank

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The Brazilian television show that put a screaming, ghost girl in a lift with unsuspecting victims has now created an even more spooky prank.

In their latest stunt the victims are now stuck in the lift with a coffin which springs open, revealing a 'corpse' that comes to life in a terrifying fashion.

The set-up is the latest macabre prank by presenter Silvio Santos on his popular television show.


Previous - Brazilian TV ghost prank goes viral


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This one is funny, but it makes me think, who doesn't hold the elevator door open by putting their hand out and actually blocking the door?

I always do it that way. I rarely use the door open/close buttons.

Plus once the guy started moving around, I'd have just been like, "ok, he's not dead" and started laughing.

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