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'Jesus' causes uproar at darts contest

Still Waters

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Yeah....but whataya gonna do...

Well, you could throw out the troublemakers and not the bystander, but then you have the possibility of starting a drunken riot among the evictees.

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I should elaborate a little bit further...

I've been to these Darts tournaments and I tell you that people like to dress up.

When Wayne Mardle's at the ocke you get a sudden rash of Hawaiian shirts.

So I don't think a messiah figure would look out of place at this costume party.

Maybe he just wandered off because of one too many Lemon Sherbets.

Old Sid would be laughing his sides off in heaven.

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The bearded man, referred to as “Blakey” by the police, is mistaken for Jesus by the children, who are influenced by stories they have recently heard at Sunday school. The fugitive makes no attempt to correct their mistake


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