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Simbi Laveau

They Sylvian Experiments

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Simbi Laveau

Hmmm.I will find a link ,but I am intrigued.

A husband and wife,want to explore life after death .

It uses the very common group suicide phenomena ,and builds on it.

No true spoilers,just the set up .

If no one knows ,young Japanese have suicide chat rooms.

Strangers,all wanting to end it,agree to meet ,and die together.

Charcoal burning suicide is very popular now as well .

Then on the other hand ,we have some mad scientists .wink wink .

They set up a group of kids for suicide ,with a mole.

They drive to,I think the base of my Fuji ,and tape up the car window cracks etc,and light charcoal brassiers .

When they are unconscious,the scientists run in,and save them all,and take them to a location that looks like a lab/hospital .

When they wake up,they are told they are read,and in purgatory.

Needless to say ,this is psychology to the sick degree.


Ah,here is the entire movie,with subtitles .

Be forewarned ,there is a bit of brain salad surgery in it .


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