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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

New World Order Forces on the Move (Poem)

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welcome to the invasion

planet earth battle station

receiving, levitate

what happens to words

warped in black holes?

whispered vision of deities

dancing before the masses

project bluebeam hologram

they're walking among us

trust in your currency

keeping your face

off their books is heresy

demons are landing

back lawn of the white house

spaceships scorching landscape

city streets built to specific

masonic design to illustrate the time

and arrival of the lights of the world

the broken code to humanity

lines filled in to accept legions

clones are being activated

end of world is being celebrated

by those with a secret uniform

in the back of their closet

Edited by I believe you
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Yeah... I like this this is some next level sh.. lol :)

You had me at spaceships scraping up the white house lawn... :)

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