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Emotions - the builder of the personality

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Emotions are the core of our personality. It is because of our emotions that we choose to accept or deny certain things about reality in regard to our beliefs. It is our emotions which give us passion for our favorite things to do. In other words, it gives us our personality, our small spark of individuality - difference.

However, when desire takes over the person, it leads to suffering. The feeling of "lacking" , the feeling of "yearning", the feeling of "jealousy", even the feeling of "bliss". All of these things will leave you suffering when they become so intense that it hurts and when the bliss of elated joy finally leaves you and all you have is peace but choose to call that "boredom".

It is not about giving "up" the emotions. It is also not about acting irrationally or suppressing the emotions. It's about relaxing them.

If someone makes you angry, you don't have to react by screaming and punching, kicking, yelling at anything in your path - because this would mean that they emotion is controlling YOU. It is about being RELAXED so that when the emotion does happen, you have clear sight to what you want to do , and are able to USE your emotions in a way to benefit you (whether leaving the situation calmly to not cause unnecessary conflict or whatever).

From our relaxed state - the emotions arises. Are you able to keep relaxed even in the face of conflict?

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