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Drunk twiiters unlikely to face criminal char

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People who post offensive messages on websites such as Twitter while drunk only to delete them when they sober up are unlikely to face criminal prosecution, the director of public prosecutions said yesterday.

Prosecution is likely to be unnecessary if the offending message is removed, by either the individual or service provider, and if it was not intended for a wider audience.

I agree with this, my only issue is the internet moderators who delete something they personally do not agree with, irrelevant of what others think.

ofcourse abusive posts must not be allowed, and many are made through drunkedness, but there are some posts which are not abusive and purely based on free speech. I have seen recently a big crack down on another forum where one moderator has come out all guns blazing and is now acting like a keyboard warrior Idi Amin.

I know people will say if they own the forum then they can do what they want, yep, some will, but that is not what we are about in this country, leave that to the countries run by dictators.

Generally it is not difficult to spot a drunken post, and generally it does not just take a moderator to spot, most decent posters are fully aware of them out there.

The internet was always going to be open for abuse, but I feel some people have been making money and wasting our money on minor

drunken posts to benefit themselves.

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