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World War II Christmas Cards Finally Delivere

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This year, a handful of Germans are getting special, though extremely late, seasons greetings. Hidden for more than seven decades after they were stolen in defiance of the Nazi occupation of Jersey, cards written by German troops are finally being delivered.

With their romantic snow-covered pine trees, narrow handwriting and envelopes stamped with the Nazi imperial eagle, the letters arriving at some German households this holiday season are certainly a novelty.

It has taken 71 years for them to reach their destinations, and the addressees of the 86 letters have long since died. They were the friends and relatives of German soldiers stationed on the British island of Jersey in 1941. A batch of letters from the occupying force was secretly held for decades after they were stolen in an act of defiance against the occupiers. They turned up several years ago when an anonymous man donated them to the Jersey Archive, where they were translated and documented. Now, they have finally been sent.

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This is actually quite sad.

it could show that not all those German soldiers wanted to be there, just like many of the English soldiers were made to go to war to defend their country and yet found the shooting of another fellow human being too much to bare.

Just like today, i completely and utterly despise these leaders of countries who instigate wars against each other and force men to fight or die and be classed as a traitor.

it would be interesting to see what was actually admitted in some of those letters.

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