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Vaccine Hoax is Over

Winter Summer

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Yeah, because you are a practising vaccine researcher? Or perhaps not..

And no, nobody noticed that you ran away from discussing that site you posted. Quite understandable, given it's content...


And yet YOU POST LINKS to this drivel. And when those links are criticised, point by point, you run from any discussion - so you must KNOW it's drivel.

But I'm the hypocrite? How droll.

Or perhaps they are more educated than you. Perhaps they don't concentrate on the drivel, perhaps they look at the actual statistics, examine all the factors and issues involved and make decisions on the greater good, rather than revising all vaccination practices based on the anecdotal tragedy of your cat..

Then how come the very first one you posted was drivel? And do you know what the words 'confirmation bias' mean? Just read your last sentence back to yourself. THAT is what it means.

Yep, calling your mortal enemies 'stellar cretins' will certainly bring credibility to your case. You know what would help more?

Here's the challenge, Simbi. Right now, in your next post, post (fully cited) the absolute best example of these 'lies all over the Internet'.

Post it NOW. You claim high levels of knowledge, and you are going on about this at great length, but when it comes to an actual example..?

So here's your chance, post the absolute best example you can find, and let's discuss it in detail, point by point. With your medical education, you should destroy my points easily - so go on.. Let's have a real world example.

Take your time on that soup.. Also take your time when coming up with your best example because if it isn't very good, I think some conclusions may be drawn...

To 'through the fire'..


:cry: That is possibly the most disgusting post I've seen here - I find it hard to visualise the sort of person who would write that. But let's focus on facts - please be specific - I mean your anecdote is very believable, and so beautifully and sympathetically related, I can't help but believe it is absolutely genuine - but please elaborate, in particular on the part where these alleged cancers that you find so hilarious were caused by the vaccination.

Again take your time - after all, we all know how nobody just makes this stuff up to convince the naive...

Well said,this Post should be removed,i find it appalling that anyone can laugh at Children with Cancer.Very Bad Taste.... :td:

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Vaccination programs have saved MILLIONS of lives.

Get over it already.

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Vaccination programs have saved MILLIONS of lives.

Get over it already.

But we were LIED to.

About the safety of the vaccines. About the motives of the companies.

"This drug will save millions, but a small percentage way get cancer or Autism"

"Can we treat the cancer?"


"And Autism is something you're born with right?"


"So a lie will save millions of lives and make me tonnes of cash?"


"Win-win. Lets make some money!"

Who, in all honesty, wouldn't do it?

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through the fire, aside that there is no connection between vacination and cancer (the later is more related by genetic and enviorement situation), your post was one of the sickest i have read in this forum, and almost make me puke. Good work!

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Just a personal story to share, since someone else felt the need to share their pro vax personal story.

When we had our kids and made it clear we would never vaccinate a couple of "friends" took great delight in telling us how stupid it was. We were "bad parents" and "conspiracy theorists".

Well fast forward 10 years and our kids have never been sick a day in their lives. However our "friends" kids who got all the super fantastic vaccines are currently enjoying their childhood cancer ( well I say enjoying but.....).

Oh how I chuckle.

Keep vaccinating please.

In ten years your kids have never been sick? Never? No cold, no flu, no infections? Yeah I call bull****.

And nice you view the suffering a children so amusing. You may or may not be a bad parent but based on your post you are a bad person.

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