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Untitled (Psych 112 Final, term paper)

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to remember the past is to remember the future

but to remember the future is not what is meant, (yet)--

yet is connected with what is meant and what is meant

is when we return to the point where we turned,

we find it the same and yet different.

the way we think, and think we live,

we think we live the way we look

--but the way we look comes from what's past

and the way we are from what goes past

and the way we'll be from the way we think

--but what we think is how we are.

we speak of what we know--

it's all we know to do;

but we don't really do all we know to do

because all we really know to do

has been hidden by what we want to do--

and what it is we want to do

is ultimately all that we're allowed to do.

(this is all that we can do.)

(is this all that we can do?)

all that can be done isn't all that will be done

but all that can be done comes from all that will be done

and all that will be done from all what will be gathered

from all the ones who've made the run.

(ps--this is copyrighted)

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Very true... if we studied history, or are aquainted with our past, which indeed we are, we do have a say in the future. We dont know it exactly but we do know our generic destination... as individuals we have much power over ourselves because no one, unless we let them can make us have bad attitudes or make poor choices within the confines of what we have. We have, unless we are in a prison, and sometimes it is necessary to break out of our own minds, every capability to excell and make a difference in the outcome of our lives and make a positive impact on our families and whatever communities we interact with. We must keep this up as an example, because the governments are refusing to look at history, history shows ppls revolution leads to peace, we will become thier example, they will look at us for the answers, because we are the people that make up the overall body which at the time is very sick. It starts with the mind and then the opening of the eyes, and then massaging out the messed up parts... but they will only turn to look at us if we no longer allow them to milk us dry.... we are their lifesource but they are extracting and regulating our energies in unhealthy ways and in turn they are feeding us..... let's look at what we eat so we can get strong enough to fight for something.

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