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Mr Right Wing

Please can I have a reading

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Hi people

I'm after a decent medium to give me a reading. I've already had one in person this week which left me a little shocked so I'm after a confirmation reading to see what comes out the same.

If you require any information from me please ask what you would like to know. I would like the reading to be centred around the following if possible -

1. What does my future hold when it comes to careers?

2. When it comes to relationships do I let the past go or try to build bridges with her?

3. How high will I climb towards my life-dream?

4. What obstacle(s) are in the way of my life-dream?

5. Do I have someone watching over me?

6. What life lesson will I need to succeed in to achieve my life-dream?

7. Why is the colour blue important for me?

8. What does wearing a multi-coloured tie mean?

9. How famous will I become during my life?

10. How rich will I become during my lifr?

Apologies if some of those are a little specific but its because of the reading I've already had. Any help, illumination or further predictions would be very much appreciated and I would be greatful.

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