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Video Footage, Audio Files and Multimedia

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Introducing a new idea for a forum section, the "Video Footage, Audio Files and Multimedia" is a new multi-purpose board, giving users the oppertunity to not only post and discuss unexplained related multimedia, but other audio and video aswell.

Heard a song you'd like to share ? - then post your thoughts here. Found a good wave file you'd like to play in the chat room ? - this is the place to tell everyone else about it.

A big thanks to J6 for suggesting the idea of this new section, with any luck what should result is a board dedicated to sharing and discussing music, videos, and other multimedia, both unexplained related and non-unexplained related.


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To give you a better idea of the sort of thing to post or not to post on this board, I've compiled a quick list of do's and don'ts.

Things To Post On This Board:


- Any discussions relating to music, videos, streaming media or other multimedia.

- Streaming media links

- Links to sites and pages containing downloadable multimedia

- Links to sites and pages containing wave files

- Links to sites and pages containing MP3's, Real Audio and the like.

- Links to flash animations / animated GIFs

- Kazaa and other file sharing search/download recommendations

Things Not To Post On This Board:


- Download Links to actual files ( unless it's on your own web space )

- Attachments containing wave files / MP3's etc

- Images ( Post your images in the image gallery contributions board )

- Offensive media or any kind

The reason for not allowing links to downloadable files, is that in most cases this will be considered bandwidth theft by the site your linking the file from. To link to any media files, link to the page or site on which the file is hosted, and not directly to the file itself.

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