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Bomb kills army recruits in Iraq


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Bomb kills army recruits in Iraq

A suicide car bomb blast outside an army recruiting centre in western Iraq has killed at least 12 people.

The bomb in the town of Anah also injured about 25 other people when it went off as volunteers stood in line in the town, near the Syrian border.

It came as more than 3,000 US and Iraqi troops continued an operation further south on the River Euphrates to cut militant supply lines.

They have seized a bridge thought used by gunmen operating out of Falluja.

US planes bombed a house in the rebel city, which is effectively out of the control of the Iraqi government, early on Wednesday.

The Americans said the building was being used by leaders of one of the main Iraqi insurgent groups, the Tawhid and Jihad group of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

In other violence, a roadside bomb killed a civilian and wounded four policemen in the southern city of Basra.

And in the northern city of Mosul, a Kurdish tribal leader was shot dead.

Dangerous region

In Anah, a suicide bomber attacked the would-be recruits, local police and the interior ministry in Baghdad said.

The victims were among a "group of youngsters signing up with the national guard", a policeman told AFP news agency. It is unclear if the bomber was included in the death toll.

AFP said the bombing was the first such attack in the area.

Militants have frequently targeted lines of volunteers hoping to join Iraq's new national guard or police force, seen by many youths as one of the few steady jobs available in post-war Iraq.

Anah is located on the main road to Syria, which has seen a number of attacks in recent months.

There were car bomb attacks last month than in any other month since the war, says the BBC's Caroline Hawley in Baghdad.

Bridge seized

American and Iraqi troops have continued an offensive south of Baghdad for a second day, after taking control of the bridge over the Euphrates.

US marines and Iraqi soldiers arrested 160 suspects, seized a suspected training camp and took control of the Jurf Kas Sukr Bridge, the US military said.

The bridge is believed to be a favoured corridor linking militant strongholds around Baghdad and Falluja with towns further south.

The troops sealed off roads in the area during the operation.

Story from BBC NEWS:


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How many times does this have to happen before they effectively protect the people that are trying to help themselves? Every time Iraqi people step up to be trained and or hired they're slaughtered! dontgetit.gif

Informants, I'm sure are coming forward to help prevent that. There seems to be a lot of people that don't want to be oppressed anymore.

The insurgents don't care who they kill and hopefully soon ALL the people will just say enough is enough. disgust.gif

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Should have brokered a deal with the former police and military

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Short defends Iraq's insurgents

Former Cabinet minister Clare Short has likened insurgents in Iraq to the French resistance who battled the German occupation.

The ex-international development secretary told Dubai-based Gulf News that "killing civilians is always wrong.. but I think the cause is just".

As the Americans fought British colonialism, so the Iraqis should be able to "resist occupation", she said.

Ms Short resigned her Cabinet post over the Iraq war in May 2003.

She told the newspaper she understood the anger of those who embraced Islamic militancy.

"My father came from Northern Ireland... and I understand why people think 'I can't get justice in any other way.'

"I think it's always wrong to target civilians... because when you understand the IRA, they never targeted civilians.

"That's the terrible moral deterioration that's taken place."

It was not good enough for the world to say "state violence is OK and non-state violence is not OK", she added.


Ms Short also argued the Palestinians were entitled under international law to "resist occupation" as Iraq's insurgents should be.

Ms Short also hit out at Tony Blair for the way he presented the case for the Iraq war.

He had "engaged in a whole series of half-truths and deceptions" to win backing for the military action, she said.

Mr Blair had already pledged to support George Bush before gaining Parliament's approval for the war, she alleged.

"At the same time he was telling his party, Cabinet, Parliament and the country that he wanted to avoid war, that we would proceed through the UN, that we were determined to get the implementation of the [Middle East] road map, he had already given his word to Bush," she said.


Samantha Roberts, the husband of the first British soldier to die in action in Iraq, Sergeant Steven Roberts, said she understood where Ms Short "was coming from".

"A civilian is an innocent party but military personnel know what their job is," Mrs Roberts said.

Tony Hamilton-Jewell, whose brother was killed by a mob as he manned an Iraqi police station, also suggested the insurgents were entitled to stand up for their beliefs.

Story from BBC NEWS:


Their not the French Resistance you b*tch because most of them are from outside Iraq and they seem more intent on killing Iraqi civilians and Aid Workers than anyone else you stupid cow! And if you think the Collation are the Nazis I'd hate to see what you'd make of a WW2 Documentary when you saw what Nazi occupied Europe was really like!

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With all of the bombs that have been placed in cars that drive up to crowds and set themselves off; I'm thinking at a certain point you'd just want to ban vehicles from being on the road...nothing but official vehicles, everybody can hoof it for a while...

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That would actually make a lot of sense fluffy, but it would juts cause so much chaos! Yey if its the only way to save lives, then maybe drastic matters like that should be taken!

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sat hello to the extreme left

I suppost you have proof to back up this claim that Short speaks for the centre-left dispite having been a part of the right-wing Labour party? huh.gif

Whilst you completely ignore me attacking her... despite the I'M extreme left... and I've got 5000 posts to prove it.

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