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Good, evil and the in-between

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Good, evil and the in-between

(about William)

There are times when he seems be present.

Others, well, lets say he is somewhere else.

Memories filled with deep emotions….

joys, sorrows and deep tears

that seem to often flow from regret.

He can be comforted at times,

but mostly all that can be done,

is to simply be with him

as the tears flow and he seems to confess

of happenings long past.

He is lost to what went before until they arise to present themselves.

Or is it a confrontation that in end we all must face?

For he is human, unique in experiences,

but not in his basic humanity and fragility,

a life filled with good, evil and the in-between.

Luckily it goes, this awful sadness and regret,

another mood arises,

a happy one, or angry, the former forgotten,

which is a grace I believe,

perhaps he finding true rest only in death

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Evil and good, the battle of willpower, emotions and to do what is right unfortunately isn't in everyone. The only thing that is right for some is what they want even if it is bad for those around them.

Even good people have some evil in them and the evil have some good.

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