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Unexplained water in bed and floor

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I would like to share an experience i had this morning whith what i think

to be a poltergeist.Also i would to hear your opinions and advices.

My story begins from yesterday night at a party where me and 6 friends watched the movie

"Dreamhouse" with Daniel Craig.A scene from the movie got me thinking are spirits real or

not.I was thinking about it untill i got to bed and sleep.The next morning meaning today i woke up normally and stayed a little at my bed between sleep and wake hearing my parents talking

(nothing inparticular).Then got up and went to the bathroom, made a cup of tea and ate

breakfast at the kitchen.After that i turned the laptop and searched the web.THEN my mother

comes to me and asks me about some water spilled in my bed to the floor and to the carpet next to it.

When i went there i saw about 1 glass of water spilled in my bed at the chest and stomach area

about 1 glass of water in the carpet in round shape and a half of glass of water inthe floor

near the carpet and under the bed.Im pretty sure that all this wasnt there when i got up

and that it occured between the time i woke up and the time mother told me it.Also i went again to my room before mother inform me, to get something and i didnt see the area there at all.

The water didnt come neither from any wall nor the ceiling and the windows were closed.

Also it is cheked if it is a prank

When we cleaned a little the water i then got to the internet searching about any similar events

cause we had come to the conclusion that water had just appeared from nowhere.

Finding some(2) videos on the youtube and lots of reports on the internet i decided to

collect some water in 2 handkerchiefs which i put in 2 little plastic boxes in a cool and dark area

to get it analyzed wherever i got the chance somewhere.Also took some photos and video record the area to see if there is any spirit or ghost in the area(no luck) and voice record some rooms cause in the room where the event happened the voice record made a weird noise , the same noise and in the others but i dont know if it is the cellphone.

Doing all these the idea that this water event might be an answer to my question(real or not)by the ghost hit me and i would like to hear your opinion about it and for the whole event.

Some more information is that i have some level of anxiety which though is low and im saying that cause i heard the opinion that it also have something to do whith your pshycolgical state.Also im

living here for 10 years and never again something like that have happened.

Thank you for your time.

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Also first im 100 percent sure that is not urine it didnt smell and it didnt had the color.

And secondly i am underaged thats why i leave with my parents

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It looks a lot like my case but i m sure that it have nothing to do with

any pipes and

there is no other way that the water could get there

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Also above my bed and at the point where the carpet and the floor got wet there is only the ceiling

and i checked it with my hands me and my mother.

ALSO no pet.

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How else can i upload videos the files are too big for a "reply"

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