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Poem: Spilling the blood of autumn

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here is a poem i wrote a few years back.. it seems fitting for this time of year.. .enjoy...ahem!

Spilling the blood of Autumn

This is a classic tale of war

An Inevitable meeting of colossal giants

That can only end with one victor

Stoic generals lead their multicolored regiments

From their vantage point

They spot the invading army,

And brace for the initial assault

Fast and unforgiving,

The full force of the charging army is displayed

The first round of soldiers fall

Feeling the icy grip of the harbinger of death

Unyielding advances pick off soldiers with every pass

Catapulting their lifeless forms in the air

And covering the ground

In a rainbow death shroud

Holding their positions

The generals are captured where they stand

Helpless soldiers scatter to the wind

Hoping to escape the ensuing torment

The prisoners of war,

Once alive with vibrant colors

Have been reduced to skeletons,

Silhouettes against somber blue grey skies

The only sign of life marked by

Subtle trembling, a fear induced action

Brought on by the force of relentless attacks

From the sidelines they watch in horror

As soldiers fall one by one

Victims of the bombardiers in the sky

Letting loose their arsenals

Of pelting bullets

And smothering cover fire

The last leaf limps along,

Crimson red against the falling snow

Ragged and torn, it does not falter

In a final hurrah, the soldier

Unknowingly pens its own epitaph,

As its path is etched in the frozen battlefield

Battered and broken, it succumbs to its fate

And just as the warriors that fell before

It too will disappear,

Beneath a blanket of white

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I love it and I love that YOU wrote it overdueleaf... :D

There is even death in peace....

Peace :D

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