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I do not resolve to do anything (poem)

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moon are you the key?

using the backyard apple tree

like a clock at the ball

imagining a castle sitting

on the scales of space and time

like land-locked turtles

we walk past the blooms

without need for resolution

listening more to intution

changing at times is solution

these borders you play in

only walls which can be moved

past relationships formed

only borders you've begun to cross

lightning struck the house

we ran from neighbors' eyes

into buildings where no flowers grew

stars became magic when forgotten

no one looks at the sky anymore

like land-locked turtles

we now drive past the blooms

could you ever be what you want?

when you don't know what that is

could you ever be what they want?

when they make it so clear

it is not you, is not you

and you begin to wonder

will it ever be?

all directions are open

into stacks of books

trails between trees

walking into stars without stopping

or into secret parts of buildings

where no one knows you keep a spaceship

where no will say aliens do not exist

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Like one of those dreams that were definitely not nightmares but haunt you more than average nightmare ever could.

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