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Ghost that breaths death in your face.

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Hey there guys.

I just heard a very interesting story from my grandfather, one that I had actually heard before but not in the detail he told me.

There is a house in the city which I live in, he was not sure where it was situated or even if it was still standing, but this house is supposedly haunted. There used to live in that very house a man who was said to be either crazed or simply evil. Who knows which he was. Anyway as the story goes he was somewhat infamous in his neighbourhood for terrorizing children and was known as the local boogie man, My grandpa didn't speak of any crimes though or evil deeds, although the last bit he told me was somewhat gruesome.

In some sort of altercation he had with some childs father, he harmed the child in someway, he was tracked down by the father and the local authorities. Anyway after some struggle with the man he locked himself inside his house forcing the men to break down the door. What they saw in there is the spark for this story, personally I think it is all bogus since this next part is somewhat unbelievable. As the men broke down the door they found the man inside after having killed himself, in conditions that were beyond horrifying. The small house was sompletely empty apart for the man and the pile of bones he lay in, his wrists slit. The bones were later found to be off dogs and cats.

After that day and this is the story I have heard, the part I mentioned before is the one I just learned. Anyway after that day they say that if you spend a night in that house you might awaken with the ghosth of the crazed man sitting on your chest breathing the smell of rot and death in your nostrils.

Like I said before I believe it to be bogus myself but none the less an interesting story!

Well I hope you guys enjoyed the story!

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Perhaps it is just a case of really really bad morning breath of the person staying..remember to pack a toothbrush and mouth rinse when having an overnight visit to the alleged house.

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Maybe you should reasearch whether or not this story ever really happened. And then, if you want, go search for the house and pend the night in there. Just hope you don't wake up with a foul smelling dead person sitting on your chest! D:

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