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My paranormal experiences

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I've had a few paranormal experiences in my life 2 of them were dreams and the other one was when i was in like the 2nd grade back in the early 2000's. Here's a list of my paranormal experiences.

1. My first paranormal experience was when i was either in 1st or 2nd grade, i was sleeping in my bed room that i shared with my younger brother, we slept on a bunk bed, he was on top and i was on the bottom, so one night i was sound asleep when all of a sudden i was immediately woken up to my bedroom door flying open, i was scared to death, no one was there and everyone else in the house was asleep. I remember just staring at the door paralyzed in fear. The house that this happened in was a small double-wide trailer from around the late 70's and i believe my family was like the 3rd to ever live in it, my house was right next to a large forest full of evergreen and hardwood trees, me and my brother found a bunch of animals skulls in them woods, like house cat skulls. There was a pond down the road that i used to go fishing at almost everyday during the summer when i was in the 3rd and 4th grade, the guy who owned the pond knew the first person who lived in my house before my family did and he said that the person who owned that house died a few years after moving out. That was the only paranormal thing that i experienced when i lived in that house, i moved to Ohio in July of 2007.

2. The second paranormal experience i had was when i was in 8th grade, i was asleep in my basement on a couch, i had a VERY lucid dream that i had become possessed by a demon or some entity like that, i talked in some weird deep demon like voice, i ran up stairs and looked in my bathroom mirror and my eyes were blood red from being possessed, shortly after that i woke up and was freaked out, i felt drained of energy, some times i wonder if it was a dream or not. My friend told me that he had a dream were he was possessed by a demon at school and that he killed a lot of people and that he could do back flips and jump high and stuff like that, i never told him about my dream.

3. My third paranormal experience was a dream i had around maybe in September or October of 2012, so shortly after i moved to Ohio from Tennessee, my grandmother died, she was extremely close to me, my brother, and my sister. My mom, sister, and aunt said that they have had dreams about her since her passing, i thought it was only a matter of time before i had one of her, and it happened. The dream was very weird, here is how it went, i was at my old home in Tennessee in my front yard climbing a tree, and for some reason the front door was opened, then all of a sudden my grandmother was standing in the doorway, i tried to scream but it was a little pathetic cry, after that i woke up paranoid as hell and scared. I think she was trying to communicate with me through my dreams like she did with my other family members.

I hope you all who reads this enjoyed my paranormal experience stories. For those of you wondering, i'm 15 i will be 16 in April, i just recovered my account on here after being gone for 3 years,

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