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In jobs with fewer men, women earn more

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Women earn relatively more money when they choose careers not dominated by men, new research by Warwick Business School suggests.

A study of 20 industrialised nations found that in countries where men and women worked in different occupations, there was not such pay inequality between them.

The biggest inequality in pay was found to be in Japan, with Slovenia being the fairest to women. In fact on average women earn slightly more than men in Slovenia.

Mexico, Brazil, Sweden and Hungary also saw average pay between men and women almost equal. In these countries men and women work in different occupations to a greater extent than in many of the other countries looked at.

Researchers from Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick, University of Cambridge and Lakehead in Canada discovered that the gap between men and women’s pay was larger in countries where they worked in the same job.

Women in the Czech Republic, Austria and Netherlands, all fared badly in comparison to men as they are more likely to work in the same occupations as men. The gap between their pay and men’s is higher than average, with the UK’s gap also higher than average among the 20 countries.

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