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Would you get them if you could?  

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  1. 1. Would you get them if you could?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Only if they are reversible

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With more knowledge about stemcells and neural reactivation, and disease eliminatiion and alike...

Would you upgrade your body if you had the chance?

Things like, exoskeletons, perfect eyesight with bionic eyes or stemcell injections, genetic therapy to re-arrange your gene make up, perfect hearing with implants or also stem cell injections, implanting memory chips in your brain for extra capacity, or a neural stimulator to possibly becoming "more intellingent".... to the extreme of becoming partly or fully cyborg with a bionic limb or more.

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Would you take the 'Super Woman' pill? Stressed at work, overwhelmed at home, a generation of women are turning to brain-boosting drugs to help them cope

  • Women aged from 25-34 are the most stressed demographic group in Britain
  • Alison Zobria, 24, from Manchester, took Adderall to cope with stress


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Just making a broad statement like that who can answer. If you want a serious answer to the question then you need to fill in the blanks a little.

Just because you can have a cybernetic limb added doesn't mean it'll be something you can just run out and get done. Odds are you're talking replacements for damaged limbs. This isn't a boob job, you're talking about the removal.....most likely permanently, of a viable and perfectly good limb, be it arm or leg or both of each. While you might gain a bit, you still aren't going to be the Six million Dollar man because whatever limb you're talking about is still attached to frail human parts. Unless you want to go the Robocop route I just don't see it happening. What about touch? You like the way your girl friend's skin feels? Lop off those hands and you may never feel them again. Yeah, you might be able to grip something super better but that's about it and if you like the way pretty girls feel.......well let's hope you have a great memory because that might be all you have left is a nice memory or two.

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