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My Life.

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Part 1 of 3: Early life.

This is a poem of my daily life,

day by day is miserable and filled with strife.

I go on wondering when will it all end,

but all I understand is that it has yet to begin.

From childhood to teenhood I was victim a of much,

Bullying, teasing, fights, and such.

I could had gotten revenge but ask why haven't I,

the answer always been because I'm the better guy.

I can fight, I can talk, there's nothing wrong with me,

but I choose to keep my feelings hidden for no one to see.

In my mind I imagine getting back at those guys,

but the consequences isn't worth such a pathetic prize.

The prize I seek is the satisfaction of revenge,

doing things to these guys that'll make you cringe.

They beat me down and broke my pride,

the adults were useless and I cried.

No one helped me, I had to take action,

my only way to gain this satisfaction.

If I couldn't get back at the enemies of the past,

I would make the next bully my last.

Highschool began as did a new year,

those who knew me kept their distance in fear.

The look on my face was that of anger and hate,

those who picked on me already knew their fate.

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There is a healing balm in Gilead.

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Still Waters

It's a well written poem. I hope parts 2 and 3 of your life got better.

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Part 2 of 3: Highschool.

Depressed and broken, no hope for joy,

no escape from the misery, alot for one boy.

If I had the chance, I would spread my wrath,

to everyone who picked on me, I'll have the last laugh.

In ROTC, I stood proudly at attention,

my head smacked from behind, no doubt or a question.

I knew who did it, and I grinned with ambition,

the bully unaware of my devilish intentions.

I waited and waited until he was alone,

to strike him down with anger I never shown.

He drew blood from my arm and broke my glasses,

I broke his wrist and phone and returned to my classes.

The cut in my arm was long and deep,

from the scissors he stole from art class for safe keep.

He must've saw my facebook and saw my list,

of all the bullies I dreamed to break and twist.

He left me alone from that day on,

but feeling in my gut made me felt wrong.

It was guilt, for getting back at this fool,

for 4 years of bullying then cutting me with a tool?

I truely could not come to enjoy his pain,

I'm the better guy with nothing to gain.

His fate is clear, he will lose the game of life,

what's now my burdens will soon be his strife.

Bully told bully soon they learned,

I am not to messed with it, and they should be concerned.

For a nerd like me to make bullies scared,

a wonderful sight but I didn't seem to care.

As painful as bad as the bullying could be,

revenge and inflicting pain was not for me.

A reputation was made, people said I was a thug,

but they didn't know my story, I could only shrug.

A speechless boy with no friends or bullies,

the ultimate result of yours truely.

With that out of the way, I had to deal with my parents,

loud and obnoxious, I couldn't handle it.

If it wasn't school, it was home, and both were a mess,

I had to get away, I had to relieve this stress.

My girlfriend who restrains me told before,

of an alternate to highschool, a place called Job Corps.

As great as it sounded, too good to be true,

but with school and my parents, both of them I was through.

My mother and I applied me to the program,

A new place to live where no one knew who I am.

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Professor T


Can't wait for Part 3..

Nice use of rhythm to btw..

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