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Big Bad Voodoo

Chemist honored for solving ancient mysteries

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Hi Umers!

Nikola Bregovic is a 26 year old chemistry PhD student at the University of Zagreb in Croatia. He solved ancient mystery which was old 2300 years.

Decartes and Aristoteleargued about this.

I couldnt find news on english so I used Google translator.

26 year old chemistry PhD student at the University of Zagreb in Croatia Nikola Bregović with the chemistry department, Faculty of Science in Zagreb won the day of the British Royal Society heavy 1,000 pounds because it offered the best theoretical explanation of why hot water freezes faster than cold is known as the Mpemba effect

The problem has plagued humans since the time of Aristotle, and the response failed to offer even a genius like Francis Bacon and Rene Descartes who dealt with him. Its modern name given in 1968. when a Tanzanian student Erastus Mpemba noticed that hot milk when making ice cream freeze faster than cold.

Mpemba's explanation of this mysterious phenomenon has requested from the teachers. Asked the professor. Denis Osborne of the University of Dar es Salaam, to explain why it will be before you start to freeze water at 100 degrees colder than 35 degrees Celsius. The professor was unable to answer his question, so he published a paper, which he called 'Mpemba effect'.

The competition was introduced last year in the media and on the Internet, and soon attracted great interest and a huge number of participants. The organizers explained that not only expertise and evaluated the accuracy of the study but also the quality of its presentation of what they think is important for the popularization of science.

Nikola Bregović teleconference, which is in the British Royal Society broadcasted live, Nicholas told us that he belonged. 'My friend Ivo told me that he had something that would be of interest to me and gave me a link to the contest. I saw that a lot of applications, about 22,000, "said our chemist.

His experiments, he says, he began to prepare very quickly after application, and designed them so you can play Mpemba efeket no doubt.

His results, presented in an extensive study that examined a number of different theories about the possible causes - from quick evaporation, thus cooling the heated water, so-called. supercooling, showed that the most probable key Mpemba effect could be called. convection, a physical phenomenon in which chilled water to the tank wall plunges to the bottom until hot in the middle of rising to the surface. This process is more powerful as it is the difference in water temperature and ambient greater. Ga further reinforces the fact that the viscosity of the warmer water is less, so it is moving faster. Faster circulating water cooling enables its faster because the outer cooler temperature constant, explained in his paper Nicholas.

'I think this is important because of global competition popularizing science. This is something that everyone interested, "said a young member of the Faculty of Science , noting that than 22,000 other contestants not be viewed as competitors, but as colleagues.

In his presentation on the contest page Nikola says time 'when it's not in the lab conducts enjoying fishing, mountain biking, playing bass guitar, or simply the company of his beautiful girls.'

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