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Chile: Two Deaths in Fire Reportedly Linked

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A landowner and his wife have been killed in a fire provoked by a group of 20 masked men, in Auracanía, South Chile, according to Chilean newspaper Ultima Hora.

Bernard Luchsinger, 75, and his wife Vivianne Mackay were reported dead by Luchsinger’s cousin Jorge Luchsinger on Radio Agricultura.

The Chilean government reacted strongly and instantly pointed towards the Mapuche community.

“We are in the presence, once again, of a terrorist act, of an extremely serious act against the lives of two people who have been a symbol of the fight for the defence their land,” said Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick.

This happened some days ago. Apparently some extremist Mapuche groups (some said funded by foreign parties) and making terrorist attacks in the Chilenean south regions, this is the first with casualties in the last time. Luckly they caught one of the attackers.

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