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light anomalies and small people

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my mother use to live in India, and the people of India are very superstitious lot.

but my mother tells and retells us siblings of her experience when she lived in India.

The house she use to live in, had a huge, god know how old tree, a few hundred meters from the house. The tree was huge and tall and wide. the tree had many trunks. Mother said, that they could see right up the tree, and branches, all way to the top, therefore the tree has leaves, but not many of them. also there was something sacred about this tree.

Mother tell us that on some really late nights, a dozen or so lights appear on the branches of the tree. the lights were scattered, some on the bottom branches, some middle, some top, and so on, and that the light appears to be marching left/right from one branch to another. mother and the family did not want to know what would happen, if they kept watching, so they went to bed, and eventually went to sleep. in the morning, when they woke up the lights were gone. when i asked mother, what did the light looked like, mother said the lights looked like miniature candle lights.

No one dared to go to the tree at night. Mother tells us that, one night a truck driver from another state came and stopped his truck next to the tree, has he was about to urinate on the tree, he felt a tight slap on his face, and another, and another. even though it was pitch dark, but the truck light was on, and the driver could not see who or what was slapping him. out of fear he fled. after delivering, the truck driver came back the next evening and recognized the town and the tree. he got of to ask questions, but the people did not have answers... themselves were confused by it all.

Mother says that most of the town people believe small people live up that old tree. We say to mother "small people". mother tell us that her great grandfather was digging a well for the village, a long time ago. the great grandfather gathered a few men and started digging. digging took place very close to the huge old tree. the digging got so deep and one day in the evening the diggers were calling it a day and when all the diggers climb out of the "well", little people start climbing out too, and fled. gob smacked, no one knew where they come from, or where they went. mother's great grandfather use to describe them, to mother and others, being small people, roughly knee high, wore a piece to cover their genitals, and their faces and body were of human.

when mother tell us this experience, i believe mother tells us, not to make fun or try to scare us, i can tell by the way mother tells us this experience. but whither to believe the story it self, i cant say.

but has a similar experience happened anywhere else??

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very interesting

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