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That I may see

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That I may see

O Lord Jesus,

I beg for mercy

like the blind men did,

seeking light

that they may see.

Such darkness I am mired in,

anger and rage,

thoughts of revenge

and harming others.

O Lord that I may see.

Beloved I am helpless,

afloat upon an inner raging sea,

trying to stay afloat

amidst my inner violence,

large waves that seek to drag me down,

enslaving me in the darkest depths,

O Lord that I may see


“My son, my beloved one,

know this,

that the deepest cavern

of your inner sea,

your darkest emotions

that rip your soul,

are all within the palm of my hand,

have no fear,

I am within,


upholding you in love,


stronger than death,

neither you,

nor anyone else,

is ever alone".

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