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I saw stuff when i was little, its back?

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Ok so when i was a kid, as in from when i started talking to when i was about ten, i saw ghosts or spirits. Now I'm 16 and its started again. I want to believe i just didn't live in a truly haunted house for those years but even in my friends homes or hospitals i never felt things and others did. Ill give you some history to compare:

When i was a toddler i saw a man in my room and he used to scare me very much i still see him in my minds eye he was tall standing over my bed with wild hair and crazed eyes.

Then when i was 6 or so there was an old man who'd come into my room at night he never hurt me or scared me other than at first wed talk some nights and i dreamt of thing that happened later once my teachers house burning, and my friend breaking his leg.

These were in different houses my family moves often. Now I live in another house, there have been two between, and I'm seeing the man who lived here before us, i know that he died before his wife sold the house. Has this happened to any one else?

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Sounds like a sleep disorder.

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