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Joan Grant - past lives novelist

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I've read 'so moses was born' and 'return to Elysium'. I recommend both. I tried to read 'scarlet feather' but didnt like it as much. Author claims each of these novels are accounts of her own personal previous lives. She calls her gift "far memory". In 'return to elysium' she was a priestess and spiritual healer and in 'so moses was born she was the uncle of moses (brother of the pharoah) it talks about communicating by dreams, having wild animals like lionesses as pets and communication with the egyptians gods. The ending beautifully ties the biblical moses into the story. Nothing like you would expect.

Im reading her autobiography right now but I like the two novels I mentioned better. Let me know if you have read any of her books or if you decide to check her out. Let me know what you think!

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I am reading Many Lifetimes. She is definitely a spirited writer. I have read a number of books on reincarnation but hers has a little bit of of a flair that sets it apart. Would recommend trying out her books if you are into this subject. It is always a safe bet to get them from a library.

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Hi, Do you think that she's also a good writer? I'm really interested in the topic of reincarnation but am also a bit skeptical as well. If she wrote about her memories in fictional format, then I'm afraid it's really going to be more fiction than fact. Stll, if the stories are good and her prose is good, I may be interested in reading.

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