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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Store in a cool, dry place (poem)

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

On a rescue boat alone in ragey seas

with no one left to rescue.

Who will rescue me?

On a bus in town dodging glances.

Alone and carrying;

almost due.

The sea of people becomes calming.

A blur you wish to stop

and enjoy.

Middle school went by just as fast.

Friends you backstabbed

and no longer have.

Simpler times that rushed past

as quick as the corpses

in this flood are passing by.

Floating on with their belongings:

SUVs, desks, photos,

and my longing for humanity.

Laughs in malls, along avenues,

whose walls and paths

now collect moss.

Your eyes lit up at the Diwali festival.

After spotting your red ribbon

I was able to stop looking.

Edited by I believe you
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Nice title for this piece ;)

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