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Eyes on the wall


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it gets dark very early in the winter months in england, (5-6pm). A few years ago, I went to my bedroom to get my ipod. I did not turn the bedroom light on since I knew exactly where the ipod was.

The full moon did help me, since the light from the moon filled up my room. As I opened my bedroom door, I noticed something on one of my bedroom wall. What I saw was, a huge pair of eyes looking at me.

I rubbed my eyes, and saw the pair of eyes still there. The eyes were on the wall with the least moonlight on, but I could make out it was a human female eye, I can also see the iris and the pupil and the scleroses.

The pair of eyes were so big, that it was almost the width of the wall it was on. As I focused on the eyes, it seemed to me as if the eyes were fine sketched onto the wall. The eyes had mascara in a way that ancient Egyptians wore depicted in the hieroglyphs. Also the expression of the eyes was quite frightening.

I must of saw it for 15-20sec before deciding to leave and close the door.

I really do not know what I saw, but it got me spooked for a few days.... Never again I want to be in a situation like that..

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You can tell a gender by the look of an eye?

Also, you had an i pod in your hand, any pictures?

And just me being sceptical as a guy who writes, go figure, a full moon.

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To be honest I guessed the eyes were female in nature, due to the characteristics of the eyes. The eyes looked very famine, the eyes were rounder, softer and had long lashes

I went to the bedroom to GET my ipod, but I froze and frightened. There was no chance I wanted to take a step further into the bedroom to grab my ipod so I turned around and shut the door.

The ipod I had at that time, was one of the first ipods out, and I dont think it had a camera, but I'm not so sure now, I only used the ipod for music only.. So therefore I believe it did not have a camera.

Even with the moon light, it was dark enough for me not to distinguish a color

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